p1027-sleeppro-one-20141008-1-right-flipThe Birthing Mouthpiece

Since the results of a study conducted in 2009 were published Meditas have worked on the development of a Mouthpiece designed to aid birthing mothers.

It’s nothing new that biting helps you push, in eastern medicine the mother is given a cloth to bite on. She is expected  to focus all her body energy into ‘chi’ – natural positive energy.

The Meditas Birthing Mouthpiece  is the modern, hygienic, safe way to assist in decreasing the length of the second stage of labour by an average of over       40%, thus reducing the need for surgical intervention by a possible 50%.

During the final stage of labour when you are pushing with what feels like inhuman strength you clench your teeth, it’s a natural human reaction.  Think about the last time you lifted something heavy or when you completed a hard workout did you not clench your jaw and bite? Giving birth requires far more effort than moving the sofa or a session in the gym.

The facts

  • In tests wearing a mouthpiece reduced the length of the second stage of labour by an average 40%
  • Trials wearing a mouthpiece reduced  the need for surgical intervention by 50%
  • A Meditas Birthing Mouthpiece increases the isometric strength of the neck, back and extremities.
  • Increases strength in neck muscles by improving posture for labour.
  • A Meditas Birthing Mouthpiece allows mothers to push longer and harder for each contraction.
  • The Meditas Mouthpiece Increases muscle force leading to increased intrauterine pressure.
  • The Meditas Mouthpiece has improved airflow technology to assist with breathing.
  • The Meditas Mouthpiece is made from soft durable FDA approved material.
  • 84% of patients in a test group that used a mouth guard rated it 5 out of 5.
  • A mouthpiece proven to assist in epidural births.
  • A Meditas Mouthpiece will reduce the risk of cracked or broken teeth when in labour.


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 What did  experienced mum’s say?

  • Elaine mother of three said “When I had my first child I bit my husband on the chest every time I pushed, I just couldn’t help it. My poor husband  ended up with about ten inches of bruises and bite marks on his chest. If these mouth guards had been available when I had my other two children I would have bought one. ”  


  • Leanne mum of three said “When I had my second son I bit the mouth piece on the gas and air machine. I bit the mouth piece so hard I cracked a tooth and cut my lip; a Mouthpiece like this would have avoided this accident” 


  • Linda mum of twins “I think the Mouthpiece is a great idea. I work with school nurses some of whom have maternity experience and I mentioned  it today to a student nurse, who has had recent training in maternity. She said a lot of the mouth pieces on the gas and air thing get damaged because of women biting them during labour. I think it’s a good idea.  I can remember being in the last stages of labour, my neck ended up really hurting through straining to push, obviously the epidural numbs everything.”


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The study mentioned above was conducted on  wearing of a mouth guard at the Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Reproductive Sciences, University of Maryland Medical Centre, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,  Mercy Medical Centre, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The Study of 64 women split into two groups. 32 women were given Mouthpieces, 32 women were not given mouth  pieces. During the study the average time for the second stage of labour was 19 minutes with a mouth guard compared to 31 minutes for women not wearing the mouth guard. The conclusion of the study was “Wearing a dental support device may shorten the second stage of labour, and may decrease the number of failures to descend requiring operative intervention”.

A copy of the study can be downloaded here: Labour Mouthguards Pilot Study 2009



  • The Meditas birthing Mouthpiece does not guarantee to provide any of the above. The figures shown above are all accurate statistics taken from the 2009 trial, individual cases may vary widely and may not conform to statistical averages.